Sundays Love Music For Everyone, Inc is committed to broadening the audience of classical music while bringing an excitement for the classical composers and how they have influenced us in so many ways. Tax-deductible donations are appreciated to continue bringing classical music to everyone. This organization has received tax-deductible donations since March 2015.

The purpose of the corporation is to inspire and challenge the public with live performances or other media of classical music, and to educate and enhance the love of our long term heritage of great composers of music.

It has presented The Classical Hour which started as a series of Sunday afternoon concerts in the lobby of the historic Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, US, on December 6, 2009 with Pianist Nada.

In an effort to have classical music available to all, Sundays Love Music continues to look for opportunities to present outreach programs in the community.

Some performances have been recorded live for broadcast by The Classical Hour and WHCQ 100.9 FM, which can also be downloaded and heard from anywhere in the world. The radio program has been sponsored in part by The Wine Rack, The Piano Shop, State Liquors, Cook's Piano Service, and Brasserie Provence.
Board of Directors